Health care – Good to Know

Health care is available throughout the country at health care centres (i. heilsugæsla). In the afternoon, the health care centers have scheduled opening hours for same-day appointments. Click here to find information on your local health care center and its opening hours as well as emergency services.

Læknavaktin offers medical assistance via phone outside working hours on working days, during weekends and all public holidays. Phone: 1700 and 1770.

Health insurance: Iceland has a co-payment health care system, which greatly reduces the cost for health care. However, not all health care is free. When seeking health care in Iceland, citizens of EEA countries will pay the same amount as Icelandic citizens, provided they have the European Health Insurance Card (EU-card). Citizens of other countries are charged in full.

Medicine is obtained at pharmacies (i. apótek)

Click here for more information on health care in Iceland.