Getting around – Good to Know

Getting around by car

The most popular way to explore Iceland is by car. It is particularly popular to drive the ring road, a 1322 km (821 miles) long road which circles the island.

Icelandic roads are rather narrow and the speed limit outside of towns is lower than in many other countries (for more information on traffic rules click here). Many tourists come from countries with highways and, therefore, often underestimate the time it takes to drive from one place in Iceland to another.

Click on the map to explore driving distances from Reykjavík to some of the towns in Iceland.

Do you want to know which roads are paved and which are gravel roads? Click below to see a map of the Icelandic road system with corresponding road numbers.

Getting around by public transportation

While there are no trains in Iceland, there are various other ways of exploring the country by public transportation.

For more information on transportation in Iceland visit and check out the “Travel” section.

Click on the map to explore how to get from one place to another using public transportation.