Driving in the Central Highlands – Good to Know

Roads in the Central Highlands are called F-roads (i. fjallvegir). F-roads are mountain and gravel roads only accessible for AWD vehicles. F-roads are difficult to drive, often have potholes and as such it takes a long time to drive them.

Before driving on F-roads, tourists must check the conditions of their rental car agreement to see whether they are allowed to drive on F-roads or not.

During winter, the Icelandic Highlands are impassable. Most of the roads open between late May and late June (depending on the weather).

Once the roads are open in summer, driving in the Highland requires experience in addition to a proper vehicle (AWD vehicle with good ground clearance).

Many roads in the Central Highlands have river crossings. If the driver does not know how to cross a river, they should turn around and don‘t cross the river. No insurance covers the damaged caused by river crossings.

Make sure to check out the Highland Driving information from safetravel

Popular F-roads (road number)Opening date earliestOpening date latest
Kjölur (35)May 24thJune 15th
Sprengisandur (F26)June 20thJuly 9th
Landmannaleið via Dómadalur (F225)May 28thJuly 14th
Sigalda towards Landmannalaugar (F208)May 24thJune 20th
Other F-roadssee here